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This website Clean Living Nutritional Supplements is not about Chinese herbal medicines, tinctures, drops, potions, homeopathy, and other esoteric products that can be hard to come by and even harder to understand. It’s not about listing every possible drug interaction and side effect: This is overwhelming and rarely helpful (or necessary).

The science we reference in each section is ever-evolving and very individualized— what works for one person may be ineffective or even harmful for another. we want people who are reading this website to be able to have a conversation with their doctor or pharmacist about their options and also use it to navigate the supplement aisles at their local grocery, pharmacy, or health food store. One of the key concepts I’d like every reader to take away from this website is that drugs and supplements are very similar.

To that end, some are worthless and some are effective. Deciding whether one works or not comes down to looking at a preponderance of the evidence, just like in a courtroom. It also always depends on a benefit-versus-risk scenario for the individual. It’s time to treat dietary supplements as a full-time discipline or specialty that needs constant objective review and surveillance: One that teases out the evolving pros and cons of each and every pill out there for most medical conditions, and one that truly reviews the benefit-versus-risk scenario for different pills so health care professionals and consumers can make the right decision in each situation.

In this website, we have compiled the sum of our life’s work to help inform your supplement decisions, and we hope that you find it a valuable resource in your journey toward health.